Great teams make the difference

Later this month, MFA will celebrate its 104th year of business. Recent years have marked a period of time with significant change and growth for the company. We have grown by focusing on financial strength and providing economic benefit to our member-owners. It’s part of our mission.

As customers, you are the center of MFA’s business framework triangle. You are impacted by all three sides of the triangle:

  1. People
  2. Products and Services
  3. Processes

All sides are important, but none more important than the people. I refer to them collectively as “Team MFA.” Our people are responsible for our success or failure. After all, people make the organization; the organization doesn’t make the people.

To that point, MFA Incorporated recently conducted a thorough review and modification of the overall strategic plan. In their simplest form, the mission and vision statements are a communication of the company’s goals and a way to provide alignment throughout the organization. Alignment is a critical part of team success.  

As a young man, I was fortunate to participate in team sports. While the team goal was the same, each member had a different role and responsibility to help accomplish that goal. We all had to work together.
It’s no different in the business world. No matter your position, you need to develop a strong understanding of the big picture. My sports background taught me this and many other valuable lessons that apply to our MFA team. I learned the value of collaboration and cooperation with all types of personalities. I learned the importance of strategy and perseverance to face obstacles head on and work through them. I learned that you must establish goals before you can achieve them. And I learned that it takes leadership, trust and communication to develop a strong team. This must happen at many levels in an organization as large as MFA.  

In early January, management and support personnel from our Columbia office attended regional presentations by our Agri Services locations. The goal of the meetings was both communication and alignment. Employees at our field locations shared the challenges they face each day, the things that are working well for them, plans for the future and the tools they require to meet your changing needs.

What a rewarding five days for everyone involved! These sessions highlighted our people strength with presentations made by individuals with varying responsibilities at the locations. They are talented, energetic and, more importantly, passionate about finding ways to meet your needs. They have a plan.  They realize they are part of a team and know their contribution to the team’s success will ultimately lead to your success.

This group is supported by other passionate employees at each location. Rest assured your applicator, delivery driver, bookkeeper, warehouse staff and sales people are all eager to provide value to your operations—each with an important role in helping you succeed.  

Furthermore, Team MFA’s contributions don’t stop at work. Our people are also actively involved in and support activities in their communities. MFA employees can often be found volunteering for a youth organization, donating time and resources to charitable causes, helping to organize community events or simply lending a hand to a neighbor in need. After all, concern for community is part of our heritage as a cooperative.

I know that I’m not the reason you do business with MFA. I don’t expect that to be the case. Your relationship is most likely with someone at the retail location, and you do business there because of its people. If good employees attract good customers, we are poised to grow.

As we enter our busiest time of year, both on the farm and at MFA, teamwork among employees will become even more essential. Even when the pressure mounts and challenges of spring rush come fast and furiously, our unified strength will be reflected in our continued ability to provide value to you and to deliver organizational results at all levels of the company.

From my viewpoint, Team MFA is prepared to deliver.

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