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WITH THE INTRODUCTION OF MFA’s Ring Leader Show Feeds, livestock exhibitors will have new options in high-quality rations for their show animals.

Although MFA has offered show feeds for swine, cattle and goats in the past, the Ring Leader brand will be the company’s first complete line formulated specifically for show animal nutrition and performance, said Mike Spidle, MFA Incorporated strategic feed specialist.

“Show animals are different from production animals, and that’s why we have different feeds for them,” Spidle said. “We’re looking at what’s best for the animal, what will help them perform best in the ring and what will give them the best appearance—the whole nine yards. Ring Leader is all-encompassing nutrition.”

First to be launched in the Ring Leader line are swine feeds, which replace Ralco products that MFA previously carried. The two companies ended their business relationship in 2018, and Ralco feeds are no longer available through MFA Incorporated.

Instead, the MFA Ring Leader swine feed lineup will provide comparable products with superior formulations, Spidle said.

“We wanted to make sure that our producers are still able to get show feeds from MFA that will keep them competitive in the ring,” he said. “They don’t have to worry about going someplace else to get a different product. Ring Leader feeds will perform as well or better.”

Ring Leader swine feeds will be available in eight formulations for various stages of a show pig’s life, including starter feeds, grow-finish feeds and gestation-lactation feeds.

“We’ve made huge improvements in swine diets over the past few years,” said Tom Lattimore, MFA Incorporated senior swine specialist. “With our Evolution feeds, we’ve seen increased performance in average daily gain, number of pregnancies and overall health of the animals. Evolution is the foundation for Ring Leader feeds, but they’re the next step up specifically formulated for the show animal.”

MFA’s Ring Leader Show Calf and Superb Goat feeds will be available under the new brand in early 2019, Spidle said. The Feed Division also plans to add poultry, rabbit and sheep feeds under the Ring Leader umbrella.

All Ring Leader feeds will contain MFA’s proprietary Shield Technology, an all-natural blend of essential oils and additives to help prevent sickness, mitigate stress and promote performance in livestock.

“Shield is important for keeping animals healthy in the show circuit,” Spidle said. “By moving animals around, getting them out of their habitat and exposing them to other animals, there’s always a risk of them getting sick or going off feed. Having Shield Technology in these show diets will help minimize those problems.”

Like other MFA premium feeds, Ring Leader formulations will be “locked in” for quality and consistency, Spidle added.

“When you look at value-added products, you want performance,” he said. “These show diets are set up for performance and to enhance the genetic capability of those animals. The formulas will stay consistent, so that you’ll get the same thing from any MFA feed mill.”

Ultimately, the development of the Ring Leader brand of show feeds is an example of MFA’s commitment to building long-term relationships with its customers—in this case, young livestock exhibitors and their families, Spidle said.

“We have a whole group of young people out there showing, and we want to help them win,” he said. “More thanRingLeader that, we want to help them understand the concept of raising an animal, taking care of an animal and getting the most performance out that animal. Those skills will help them later on in life, especially if they go back into farming.”

Ring Leader show feeds are available at any MFA or AGChoice location. For more information, visit with your local feed specialist or online at

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