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Chuck Lay, MFA's Director of Communications wrote the book MFA 100 years: Proud Past Bright Future after many years of research and interviews with many of the historical figures who shaped MFA Incorporated. Here is an interview with Chuck Lay in early 2015, where he speaks about the book, writing it and some unpublished facts he learned while researching the book. The interview is by Columbia News station KFRU, AM Radio 1400's Gary Lyle for heritage series of interviews.

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More about the book:

Proud Past Bright Future, by Chuck Lay is a historical look at MFA Incorporated's first 100 years. The book includes dozens of never-before-seen historic images and is a celebration of the contributions made by thousands of individuals. It reflects the history of agriculture and the nation as well.

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It’s a proud history of accomplishment. Specifically because of MFA action, the state of Missouri has:
• a pure seed law, which stopped the dumping of inferior seed;
• standardized weights and measures to correct haphazard scales;
• farm-to-market roads to pull farmers out of the mud;
• high-school educations for rural children;
• pesticide labeling laws to keep pesticides out of soda bottles;
• egg-grading laws to protect consumers from inferior eggs;
• high-analysis fertilizer to power agriculture;
• a four-year medical school at the University of Missouri in Columbia, not Kansas City.

But more importantly, the history of MFA is the history of those who built an organization to provide themselves with economic power and a voice in their destiny.
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