The Feb 2015 Issue

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The Feb 2015 Issue

Rising to the challenge       
MFA’s annual meeting
by Steve Fairchild

Country Corner
Reality vs. perception
by Steve Fairchild

Safe food is affordable food
New grain storage at Marshall, Mo.
Deadline nears for yield data on ARC and PLC
Watch for burcucumber and toothed spurge in 2015 crops  

Notice of district meetings of MFA Incorporated

Keep nitrogen where you put it
Nitrogen inhibitors have a financial and environmental benefit
by Dr. Jason Weirich 

Cover crops are one tool to keep nutrients in the field
Scrutiny on nutrients boosts cover crops 
by Adam Noellsch  

MFA Incorporated annual report
A detailed look at MFA Incorporated’s  fiscal year ending Aug. 31, 2014

Plan for wheat success
Proper nitrogen rates and timing return more on your investment
by Jason Worthington

Feeding cows on a different calendar
Think of a cow’s nutritional needs according to her cycle   
by Dr. Jim White

New products, new technologies, new ideas in Kansas City
The Western Farm Show is Feb. 20-22
by Steve Fairchild

Corn: Working through supply
Soybeans: Soybeans may win acres
Wheat: Better here than there
Cattle: Herd growth on the way

Whipped Dream

BUY, sell, trade
MFA's Marketplace


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