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MFA Connect

This spring, MFA is launching a new customer portal that will provide a digital experience to enhance service, convenience and correspondence.

MFA Connect, an integrated web and mobile application, will give producers and their MFA representatives instant access to key information and streamline communications. The simple, secure portal links MFA customers to their statements, purchase history, grain contracts and more while also providing a convenient way to pay invoices, request quotes, browse products and message their account manager.

“MFA Connect will make it easier for customers to transact and interact with MFA,” said Jason Worthington, MFA Incorporated senior director of sales and agronomy. “All features will be available at their fingertips with a very intuitive, user-friendly platform they can access whenever they want, wherever they are.”
The portal is a free service built specifically for MFA customers. MFA Connect will be universally adopted across the MFA system, Worthington said, so producers who do business with any location will be able to access their information and representatives through the platform. Being able to leverage the expansive MFA network in this way provides another level of customer service and efficiency.

“Trainings have been conducted across entire trade territory so employees can not only assist customers in getting started with MFA Connect but also take advantage of all the features and benefits the program offers,” Worthington added.

MFA Connect will allow customers to start their buying journey online by browsing the product catalog, requesting more information and getting a personalized quote, which can be viewed and accepted through the portal.

With the complicated nature of MFA’s business, finding the right technology to power a customer portal has been a complex task, Worthington said. MFA Connect provides a robust and useful digital experience that meets customers on their terms.

“In agriculture, we’re not just dealing with consumer goods,” he said. “It’s largely built on logistics, bulk products and commodities. Before we launched a digital portal, we had to balance the need for innovation with ensuring we had something that would be easy to use and serve our customers the way they want to be served. That’s MFA Connect.”

Once the portal goes live, it will be available online at or through the MFA Connect mobile app, available for both Android and iOS devices. Customers will receive an invitation email or text message soon with instructions on how to create and access their portal account, or they can check with their MFA manager or representative for more information.

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