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The art of the tomato
Growers connect with experts on ways to produce Missouri’s top-selling specialty crop

by Jessica Ekern

Purple Power - Purple tomoatos and more
by Jessica Ekern

Claim to fame
MFA’s Wayne Nichols honored by Missouri Institute of Cooperatives

by Allison Jenkins

Digging deeper into soil health
MFA’s new testing service provides broader picture beneath the surface

by Allison Jenkins

Carlson is Cattleman of the Year
by Allison Jenkins

New director, chairman elected to MFA Incorporated board
by Allison Jenkins

MFA welcomes new conservation specialist
by Allison Jenkins

Completing the circle
Partnering with MFA helps the Mairs family fulfill their ranching dream

by Jessica Ekern

Aquatic plant or water weed?

Depends on whether it’s a nuisance or not

by Allison Jenkins

2023 insecticide eartag comparisons
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Bring safety into focus
MFA youth create artwork to show ways to avoid danger on the farm, in the workplace

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Mounting resistance threatens pesticide power

HPPD inhibitors may be latest group to lose control of waterhemp

by Scott Wilburn

Too much N can do cattle in

Carefully managing forage fertility can mitigate risk of nitrate poisoning

by Dr. Jim White


Country Corner
Is your farm safe from cybercrime?

by Allison Jenkins

UpFront / Blog
Farmall tractor turns 100
Who will be the next stewardship star?
Secretary of ag kicks off climate-smart funding

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Corn: Export sales lag behind last year
Soybeans: Demand growth likely to outpace supply
Cattle: Beef exports reach record levels in 2022
Wheat: Traders watch winter wheat condition

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Berry good

BUY, sell, trade
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Working together for success

by Ernie Verslues

Closing Thought
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Poem by Walter Bargen
Photo by Jessica Ekern


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