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Tested and tried
MFA agronomy trials deliver data for better crop decisions

by Cameron Horine

‘Emerging Leaders’ rise to the occasion
Inaugural MFA conference gives young producers an opportunity to learn new business skills, gain co-op education

by Allison Jenkins

Glean more from green
Improved soil health, weed control are among the benefits of planting into living cover crops

by Allison Jenkins

Kill more parasites, avoid resistance with combination treatment
Animal health experts recommend using dewormers with two modes of action

by D.L. Step

The power of progress
After more than 100 years, Parker McCrory keeps charging ahead with new electric fencing innovations

by Allison Jenkins

Get acquainted with adjuvants before spraying
Using the right agent with the right herbicide can maximize performance

By Doug Spaunhorst

Deflate bloat with good forage management
Legume-heavy pastures can put cattle at risk this spring

by Dr. Jim White

Country Corner
Can solar farms and agricultural farms coexist?

by Allison Jenkins

Pesticide pickups planned
Prioritize pre-plant pivot care
Looking for the next Leopold leaders

Corn: Will high nitrogen mean less corn?
Soybeans: Market volatility is expected to continue

Cattle: Another decline in the cattle herd
Wheat: Weather in wheat areas may impact the price

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Slice of life

BUY, sell, trade


Agriculture is something to be celebrated

by Ernie Verslues

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