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Journey to the ring
Youth livestock exhibitors raise champion pigs with the help of FFA advisors and Ring Leader feed
by Kerri Lotven

Uncharted waters
Farmers, utilities and state agencies work together to find pollution solutions
by Allison Jenkins


Lighting up the town
Centralia holiday tractor parade fosters community camaraderie
by Kerri Lotven

Old friends, new beginnings
MFA Agri Services in Lebanon recovers from fire with reinvented store
by Allison Jenkins

Don’t cheat your wheat
Properly timed management can achieve high quality, top yields
by Scott Wilburn

Minimize forage damage in winter pastures
Avoid close grazing, rotate paddocks to help protect quality
by Dr. Jim White


Country Corner
New attitudes for the new year
by Allison Jenkins

When pigs fly, they can now depart from St. Louis airport
Barn cat care
Missouri’s Paxton Dahmer elected as national FFA officer

Markets - (as printed via flip book)
Corn: ‘Short crop, long tail’ likely in corn markets
Soybeans: Will new U.S. administration affect trade agreements?
Cattle: Cattle outlook appears positive for 2021
Wheat: Markets will monitor condition of fall-planted wheat

Recipes - (as printed via flip book)
Pecan pursuits

Marketplace - (as printed via flip book)
BUY, sell, trade

Focused on positive gains
by Ernie Verslues

Closing Thought - Dec 2020 / Jan 2021 - (as printed via flip book)
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