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In this November 2020 TF magazine


Notice of MFA Incorporated annual meeting - link to flipbook as published.

Hometown heroes - Cover Story
Two Missouri cattle farmers and military veterans share their stories from WWII and Vietnam - Photo Gallery
by Kerri Lotven

Get the most out of new soybean herbicide traits
Plan early and often for the most effective weed-control system
by Shannon McClintock, MFA Regional Agronomist

Life in the raw
Marc and Michelle DeLong produce direct-to-consumer milk from their goats and cows - Photo Gallery 
by Allison Jenkins

Linked to history
Since the 1850s, Laclede Chain has gone to great lengths to provide quality products
-- Photo Gallery
by Allison Jenkins

Fall deworming keeps cattle clean until spring
Wipe out parasites, prevent resistance with an effective control program
by Dr. Jim White, MFA Director of Nutrition


Country Corner
Keeping it real in a virtual world
by Allison Jenkins

Economic recovery remains fragile, but rural industries show signs of improvement
Waste not, want not
XtendFlex soybeans gain final regulatory approval

Corn: Harvested bushels likely to be lower than expected
Soybeans: Price rallies pos-sible for remainder of 2020
Cattle: Third year of red ink
Wheat: Global production concerns may boost prices
- As printed via Flip Book

A meal in itself - As printed via Flip Book

BUY, sell, trade - As printed via Flip Book

Let’s be thankful for a functioning food supply.
by Ernie Verslues, MFA President and CEO

Closing Thought - November TF 2020
Each month our photographer and poet team up for a unique last page for the magazine.

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