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Inviting opportunity
Agritourism offers another way to add value to the farm - Photo Gallery
by Kerri Lotven

Answering the call
MFA Volunteer Fire Grant program helps equip first responders in rural communities - Photo Gallery
by Allison Jenkins

Rural revitalization
Is your community growing or shrinking smart? Photo Gallery 
by Nancy Jorgensen

The grass isn’t always greenest in Missouri
Manage risk with insurance products to protect forages, livestock

Blake Thomas, MFA Crop Insurance Agent

Q&A with MFA
Learn more about your cooperative leaders
An interview with Doyle Oehl, MFA Board Member

Take half, leave half
Upcoming grazing schools help cattle producers improve farms from the grass up
by Landry Jones, MFA Conservation Grazing Specialist

Cover crops add flexibility to grazing
Extend your season, produce high-quality forage, protect the land
by Dr. Jim White, MFA Director of Nutrition

Seed treatments advance beyond the basics
New options provide more choices, better protection than ever before
by Kevin Moore, MFA Agronomist

Pawpaw law comes to fruition
Student campaign raises recognition of Missouri’s own tropical treat
by Allison Jenkins


Country Corner
Agriculture ranks No. 1 in public opinion
by Allison Jenkins

Crop residue decisions affect soil life
Dr. Deanna Smith is CropLife Ambassador of the Year
Centennial celebrations for MFA cooperatives

Corn: Large production may limit late-season prices
Soybeans: Lower acreage could mean tighter supplies
Cattle: COVID-19 disruptions drive beef prices
Wheat: Reduced global crops may boost U.S. exports

Going Dutch - As printed via Flip Book

BUY, sell, trade - As printed via Flip Book

We evolve but honor our founding principles
by Ernie Verslues, MFA President and CEO

Closing Thought for October TF 2020
Each month our photographer and poet team up for a unique last page for the magazine.

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