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June/July 2019 Today's Farmer

Daring dairy
Lenz brothers build a new future for their family farm
By Allison Jenkins

This place matters
Missouri Main Street Connection kicks off campaign at Newcomer Schoolhouse
by Kerri Lotven

Conservation in the 2018 Farm Bill
Popular programs remain in new legislation, although there are some changes
by Adam Jones

Creature comforts
Foremost Dairy installs waterbeds for cow health and productivity
by Kerri Lotven

Let’s get the river under control
Time to redouble efforts to mitigate floods
by Lynn Muench, special to Today's Farmer Magazine

Center of significance
Farm museum helps preserve Hermann history
by Kerri Lotven

Q&A with MFA
Learn more about your cooperative leaders
by Barry Kagay

Help horses keep their cool when heat is on
Strategies include adjusting workout schedule, providing water at all times
by Dr. Jim White

Turbocharge yields with nitrogen-fungicide synergy
Combine foliar applications to help fight stress, promote plant growth
by Jason Worthington

Unwelcome arrival
Black vultures encroach on Today’s Farmer country
by Steve Fairchild

Country Corner
Activists take misguided aim at animal ag
by Allison Jenkins

Closing Missouri’s meal gap
Equipping the future
A case for rural broadband

Markets (flip book)
Corn: Corn plantings may be less than intended
Wheat: Prices expected to remain under pressure
Cattle: Herd growth nearing end
Soybeans: Lower acreage, better condition for U.S. wheat

Corn utopia
CLICK HERE for Flipbook version

BUY, sell, trade

A coming generational difference
by Ernie Verslues


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