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What’s up with conservation?
Steady effort gets results
by Nancy Jorgensen

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Notice of MFA Incorporated annual meeting (Click to see)

Act now to manage your tax liability
Expecting less profit in 2016?
by Nancy Jorgensen

Variable yields call for variable rates
Site-specific fertilization is efficient on the farm and good public relations
by Dr. Jason Weirich

Why cows sort feed
Mixing rations delivers fine-tuned nutrition; get the mix right for best results
by Dr. Jim White

Country Corner
Grain strain
by Steve Fairchild

The march of herbicide
Farming for sustainability
GMOs come to the fruit bin

Markets (click for original)
Corn: Send it elsewhere
Soybeans: Big crop here,
trouble in the world
Cattle: Supply takes over
Wheat: Big carryover
Recipes (click for original)
Gobble gobble

BUY, sell, trade (click for classifieds)
Acquisitions and mergers make news across the industry
by Ernie Verslues


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