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In This September Issue

GMOs and public perception
Education begins with transparency
By Nancy Jorgensen

Country Corner
Agricultural education is life education
By Steve Fairchild

Letters to the Editor
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Forever 4-H A fond look back  

Water quality and corn
Signals in the ag economy
Put in a word on atrazine
From the field...
Shield Technology works across species
By David Yarnell    

Nutritional defense against stress
Protein, energy and minerals boost immunity
By Dr. Jim White

They are HERE
Northern rootworm is an unwelcome arrival
Potential new pest in Missouri fields

by Jason Worthington

It is approved and proven and may be a thing of the past
Loss of atrazine would mean less effective and more costly efforts to control weeds
by Dr. Jason Weirich

Graduates in demand
Opportunities plentiful for graduates with degrees in food, agriculture, natural resources or the environment
2016 MFA Foundation Scholarships
by Steve Fairchild & Logan Jackson

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A farm-to-desk adventure
Ag education program is exciting for
students and teachers alike
by Austin Black

Cooperative enterprises build a better world
2016 Missouri Institute of Cooperatives FFA speech winner
by Mariah Fox

Corn: Working out domestic supply
Soybeans: Watch for the rallies
Cattle: The ongoing slide
Wheat: Low and steady

How ’bout them apples

BUY, sell, trade

A visit to a grain-rich area
by Ernie Verslues


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