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Stepping Up
A New shuttle facility opens up new markets to farmers
by Steve Fairchild

Join Missouri’s stewardship
certification program—ASAP
Sustainability is worth showing off
by Nancy Jorgensen

Country Corner
Consider the source
by Steve Fairchild

Pastures tend to segregate nutrients
Grid sampling can help with range and pasture nutrient management
by Thad Becker

Toxic fescue sticks around
Manage  fescue toxicosis to keep cattle gaining
Commercial cow herds can bring new traits quickly
Artificial insemination is precision breeding
by Jon Roberts

A non-antibiotic path toward livestock performance
Shield Technology
by Steve Fairchild
Let your grass grow
Get the weeds out; your pasture will pay you for it
by David Moore

2016 Forage Guide
Seed, technique and know-how

Data the PowerCalf way
An app to organize your herd records
by Steve Fairchild

Beat heat stress
Shade and feeding can help your cows through summer
by Dr. Jim White

Corn: Catch the small waves
Soybeans: More acres, big supply
Cattle: Exports matter to an expanding herd
Wheat: Carry-over weakens markets   

Eggplant easy

BUY, sell, trade

Hamilton grain facility
BY Ernie Verslues