In the April 2016 Issue

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Family farming    
How to succeed with family relationships on the farm
by Nancy Jorgensen

Working toward the benefits of new chemistry
The dicamba platform will be a new tool, not a cure-all
by Dr. Jason Weirich

In Missouri, counties get Agri-Ready
Missouri high school students receive new curriculum
Is all well in the well?

Fly fighting
A good plan will boost herd health
by Dr. Jim White

2016 insecticide
Ear-tag comparisons

Seed-care strategy
Considerations for a changing marketplace
by Jason Worthington

When safety is a state of mind
Safety Pays poster contest 2016 winners

Start your foal right for future health
Feed young horses to fit their digestive abilities
by Dr. Jim White

Don’t shoot, report
A new tactic for controlling feral hogs in Missouri
by Mary Cheney

Recipes: Raising the bar

BUY, sell, trade

Corn: Waiting for season signals
Soybeans: Southern Hemisphere dampens prospects
Cattle: After the peak
Wheat: Markets find wheat elsewhere
Focus on your strengths
by Ernie Verslues


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