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Managing wheat health (Cover Story)
How one farmer makes wheat work
by Nancy Jorgensen

Country Corner
Not quite kulaks
by Steve Fairchild

McCarty leads Missouri Farmers Care
Check in on the Beef Checkoff
Watch wet wheat

Not a complete wash
Useful results from MFA Training Camp plots, even with weather challenges
by Dr. Jason Weirich

The dawn of a new era
In a year of dispiriting weather and challenging commodity markets, MFA Incorporated’s annual meeting revealed progress
by Steve Fairchild

MFA Incorporated annual report
A message from the Chairman and the President/CEO.

A detailed look at MFA Incorporated’s fiscal year ending Aug. 31, 2015

MFA Incorporated notice of district meetings

Stronger together
Local cooperatives contribute to MFA Incorporated
by Steve Fairchild

Crop nutrients come and go
Know how mobile your fertilizer components are for the best nutrient management plan
By MFA Staff

Cold weather and cows
Your herd’s energy requirements go up when the temperature goes down
by Dr. Jim White

New products, new technologies, new ideas in Kansas City
The Western Farm Show is Feb. 20-22
by Steve Fairchild

Corn: Eyes to south
Soybeans: Soft world markets; fuel helps domestically
Cattle: The price peak is behind us
Wheat: Oversupply lingers

Recipes – For the love of caramel

BUY, sell, trade

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