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Cleaning out chemicals? Take them to DNR’s pesticide collection events

Do you have old, unwanted or leftover pesticides taking up room in your barn, shed, garage or home? Disposing of them is more complicated than you think. Throwing away pesticides or pouring them down the drain can be detrimental to the environment, septic systems and the water supply.

That’s why MFA is participating in the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Pesticide Collection Program, which provides free events for farmers and households throughout the state to properly dispose of waste pesticides. At these events, approved hazardous waste contractors will take agriculture or household chemicals and send them to a permitted incineration facility. Accepted materials include herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, rodenticides, dewormers, fly tags and fertilizer-containing pesticides.

Since 2012, the Missouri Pesticide Collection Program has conducted 72 events and collected more than 925,000 pounds of waste pesticide from nearly 2,300 participants.

In 2024, four collection events are scheduled from March through October. All events run from 8 a.m. until noon.
• March 9 — Portageville, Fisher Delta Research, Extension and Education Center, 147 State Hwy. T
• April 6 — Montgomery City, MFA Agri Services,
226 N. Walker St.
• Sept. 7 — Mount Vernon, Southwest Research, Extension and Education Center, 14548 State Road H
• Oct. 5 — Carrollton, parking lot across from MFA Oil,
901 S. Main St.

Keep all pesticides in original containers and identify those not in original containers or with missing labels. Do not mix with other materials, and make sure lids are tightly sealed. If the container is leaking, place it in a larger container with a nonflammable absorbent. Secure pesticides upright in a cardboard box and transport in the back of a truck, trailer or car trunk. Keep flammables out of direct sunlight and heat. A contractor will unload the pesticides for you at the collection event.

For more information, call 573-751-0616 or visit online at

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Made For Agriculture podcast interviews TFmag editor Allison Jenkins

Made for agriculture co-host Emily Beck interviews two guests for this episode of Made For Agriculture. First, she speaks with Pam Hiller, coordinator of two MFA foundations that give out scholarships and community grants. Alert – The MFA Foundation Scholarship deadline is Feb. 15th, 2024.

Then Emily interviews Today’s Farmer Magazine editor Allison Jenkins about the MFA member magazine redesign then talks about the latest articles.


- -
Intro - The scholarship deadline is Feb. 15, 2024
3:30 - Apply at,
6:30 - Foundation History
7:00 - Types of charitable giving

8:00 - MFA Charitable Foundation 

8:50 - Funded Projects

10:00 - Smaller grant focus and projects

12:00 - How to apply,
15:10 - Today’s Farmer magazine editor Allison Jenkins
15:45 - Magazine History 116 years old

17:00 - Stories, features, mission & values.

20:30 - New design, New features
22:00 - February Issue stories

23:00 - How to Subscribe

Listen on your favorite podcast streaming platform. Here are a few direct links:




iHeart Radio: 

Podcast Addict:

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Governor’s order restricts foreign purchase of farmland near Missouri military sites

Citing “heightened concerns regarding ownership of Missouri farmland by foreign adversaries,” Gov. Mike Parson issued an executive order Jan. 3 to ban individuals and businesses from certain nations from purchasing agricultural property within a 10-mile radius of critical military facilities in the state.

“We are signing this order to safeguard our military and intelligence assets, prevent security threats to our state, and give Missourians greater peace of mind,” Gov. Parson said in a press conference. “When it comes to China and other foreign adversaries, we must take commonsense precautions.”

The order applies to all staffed military facilities in Missouri and does not affect existing landowners. Nations currently classified as foreign adversaries include China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia and Venezuela.

Currently, foreign agricultural land purchases are capped at 1% of the total agricultural land across the state. This new executive order creates more stringent requirements for these purchases and requires approval from the Missouri Department of Agriculture prior to any foreign acquisitions of agricultural land.

In announcing the order, Gov. Parson emphasized that this does not impact Missouri’s valued economic partnerships with foreign allies, especially those that have a longstanding presence in the state. In the last five years alone, foreign investment in Missouri has totaled nearly $19 billion and provided some 150,000 jobs.

The entire executive order can be viewed online at

Read more of the Feb. 2024 Today's Farmer Magazine Issue HERE.

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