Zoom in on the crowd

Interactive photo from MFA’s annual meeting  

You may have seen the group photo taken at MFA’s 2013 annual meeting. It was a re-creation of traditional
panoramic photos taken at annual meetings during the early years of MFA. Now, aside from being available as a poster, it’s available interactively online. MFA’s digital media editor, James Fashing, converted multiple photos from the day into a super-zoomable image using GigaPan. 

Developed originally for scientific research purposes, GigaPan technology is now being used to redefine how traditional photography is experienced online.

Viewers can explore the event through the zoomable GigaPan viewer and discover interesting shots or faces in the crowd. GigaPan is been a popular service for city-wide photos and pictures of large events. Check it out at: http://www.todaysfarmer.com/mag/823-panorama.

You can purchase a poster or a print of the photo HERE, as well as other MFA materials here: http://www.todaysfarmer.com/shop.




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