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Made For Agriculture In-Season Crop Report April 12 SHOW NOTES

In-Season Crop Condition Report April 12, 2024 - An early season starts dry with pressure to plant.

Made for Agriculture podcast co-hosts Adam Jones and Cameron Horine discuss the start of the row crop growing season with Crop-Trak agronomists around the MFA territory. The team discuss planting and planning for corn, soybean, wheat and even a little alfalfa in Missouri, Southern Iowa, Eastern Kansas, the Boothill and northern Arkansas.

The team works together offering a weekly newsletter that goes out to only Crop-Trak Complete users and checks in here every two weeks, or when there are agronomy alerts in the region.

Last week’s Stripe Rust Alert was similar format where they issued an alert to watch for the emergence of the disease is here:    • April5th - In-Season Series ALERT Str...  

Also, check out Emily's Discussion on MDC projects and programs also from last week HERE

The audio version of this first crop report episode will be available on all of the podcast audio networks today. It is here on Youtube:

This week's April 12 SHOW NOTES


Jesse Surface – SE MO territory -

Talks about early planting. 80% planted in south of Boothill. Dry fall and spring aloud fast start.

Shannon - South MO & SE KS territory

75-80% corn planted in SE Kansas and SW Mo on tilled ground Well-needed rain slowed early planting

2:30 - Scott – Central MO Near Adrian most corn is in ground plus already some emergence. Just getting started in Central and eastern mo due to cool temps. Well needed rain slowed early planting. Wind is drying stuff out fast. Black cut worm traps finding some already. Alfalfa to cut first on May in central. Wheat slated for cutting late June in most of region. Working with folks on plans cheap ways to control cutworms on Alfalfa, plus early on row crops. Pockets of resistance need special treatment. Water hemp is emerging now. Multiple modes of action needed for control. Adam Cool down after warm weekend a concern. Be careful of compaction layers from working wet and cool soils. It is only April 12th, still early for beans and working soil some places.

8:00  - Kevin Moore phones in. -lots of winter annuals. -moths like the cover.. -night and day difference between in-field readiness. Corn just getting started in the ground. A few early Soybeans getting in the ground …. Make sure to treat beans with multiple modes early since they’ll sit in the ground a while as the soil warms.

Jesse - Planted selling beans in mid-march and were 40 % done by 20th Early dry weather will soon start the pigweeds growing.

11:00 - Shannon

Early beans not much out. Watch out to treat, especially n SDS fields. Still focusing on corn, but they’ll be planting beans through July.

Scott - Lots more beans in the ground in westcentral, just getting rolling on east.

14:30 - Weather forecast discussion 10-day forcast is cool, rainy. Maryville is 32 at night. Cool drink might not be good for Northern risk of frost & freeze for earliest crops, especially beans.

15:15 - Wheat discussion

Shannon - Stripe Rust found by extension in Kansas, not yet confirmed by Crop-Trak consultants but believe’s they find in next couple days. Flag leaf stage has triggered fungicide applications.

Jesse - Wheat heads emerging this week and will be spraying soon. Kevin - North starting to see flag leaf in wheat.

Scott – The central team found some suspected viral diseases in wheat in central near the river. Tests sent to MU.

Shannon – Viral diseases can’t be sprayed to fix. Discussion on solutions to prevent viral disease by controlling vectors.

22:15 -Scott – Wheat thoughts and control alfalfa weevils with new and old chemistry.

25:30 – Shannon on alfalfa chemistry.

26:00 – Know what Ladybug larvae look like, they eat aphids so don’t kill them.

General Discussion

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