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Agronomy Alert Podcast - Conditions forecast for Stripe Rust in Wheat in Missouri, Kansas and Iowa, Agronomists discuss

Made for Agriculture co-hosts Adam Jones and Cameron Horine double down on their Agronomy backgrounds with a timely roundtable on Rust and wheat. This episode is the first of this growing season’s series we call “In-Season Insights,” named after the weekly newsletter that only Crop-Trak complete customers get during the growing season. Once corn and soybeans are in the ground, this podcast will be every other week and sometimes every week, depending on what these Crop-Track agronomists are seeing in the row crop fields across the MFA and Ag Choice territory.

50 seconds – Shannon talks about the wheat crop in Southeast Kansas.
1:40 – Stripe Rust is starting to show up already just south of the territory
2:45 – How Rust robs yield
3:30 – Weather conditions for rust is forecast over next weeks
5:20 – Scott Wilburn, central Missouri, talk about fungicides.
6:00 – systemics work well early, discussion on types of fungicides.
8:00 – How fast can Stripe Rust spread?
10:00 – Frost damage on advance wheat might be a concern.
10:30 – the difference between Stripe Rust and other Rusts?
12:00 – Frost damage a concern changes with growth stage of wheat.
14:00 – Rust in the north not an issue yet but very high near Stillwater, OK…. Could be a problem if high wind event. It might be here much earlier than ever. Tune in on April 12th for the next in the series.

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