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MDC interview by Emily - Made for Agriculture Podcast #62

Made for Agriculture Podcast co-host Emily Beck interviews two folks with experience with the Missouri Department of Conservation and conservation land management.

MDC’s Private Lands Program District supervisor Jordon Beshears and MFA District Sales Manager Matt Hill.

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3:00 min – Previous podcasts on NRCS.
3:55 min – History of Missouri Department of Conservation.
5 min – MDC the envy of other states.
6 min – MDC resources for private land owners from native forages to management plans.
7 min – MFA and conservation practices.
7:40 min – MDC and expertise they offer.
8:50 min – Ninety plus percent of land in Missouri is private.
10 min – Increasing production for both ag and wildlife habitat is important.
11 min – From Buffer zones to native grasses, small changes make large impacts.
12 min – Private lands make real impact.
13 min – Example of farmer who improved profit by enrolling field borders with CP33 program, planted warm-season grass . . .
17:08 min – using precision to conserve.
18:45 min – Nutri-Track helps reduce tillage, use fertilizer efficiently.
20:00 min – There is still a lot to learn about cover crops.
20:45 min – Field day description.
21:30 min – Jordan talks about his team’s field day.
23:00 min – How MDC works with FSA, NRCS are more.
24:00 min – Installing pollinator habitat, stream bank stabilization and other funded conservation practices.
29:00 min – prescribed burns and other activities work best when you know your goal.
36:00 min – Programs for deer encroachment. MRAP vs. DMAP.
38:00 min – Crop loss from wildlife & deer management.
39:00 min – Shoot more Doe & Share The Harvest.
42:00 min – The Grassland Summit is April 9 – 11th in Jefferson City – more info here:
44:50 min – Contact MFA for conservation advice.
46:30 min – Recent Made for Agriculture Podcasts, Today’s Farmer Magazine issues.

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