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Made For Agriculture Podcast #60 - Dicamba, the courts vs. the EPA and weed control

Made For Agriculture podcast hosts, Adam, Cameron and Emily team up to discuss the latest in Dicamba ruling news with MFA’s Central Staff Agronomist Scott Wilburn and MFA Director of Crop Protection and Seed Jordan Tomlinson. They talk product availability and substitutions. The agronomy team then discusses the best ways to control weeds in your row crop fields this year.

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Intro of topics

1 min – Guest intros

2 min – Summary of Dicamba ruling.

3:30 min – Existing stock order by EPA.

4:30 min – What’s legal Dicamba use for 2024?

5:20 min – If you have Dicamba in stock….

5:50 min – How much product in stock?

6:40 min – Max dates in pipeline ruling.

7:10 min – Have a plan B and plan C.

9 min – Dicamba use pre and post.

9:30 – Boothill uses diacamba for Palmer

10:40 – Waterhemp plague in the North.

11:25 – The Waterhemp challenge by Scott.

13:30 – The loss of an effective tool.

17:00 – Resistance growth.

18:50 – Other tools are targeted.

21:00 – Group 15’s are not bulletproof.

22:00 – Who was behind the lawsuit?

23:00 –The process EPA has to navigate for label approval is a challenge.

25:00 – Lawsuit was a procedural challenge.

27:00 – Future possible record keeping & processes we’re heading toward.

29:00 – We need to educate the public & policy makers about need for crop protection.

32:00 – Challenges center around preventing Waterhemp from germinating – using everything from CP, to cover crops, to tillage.

35:00 – Tillage and then soil loss will increase when chemistry is taken away.

37:00 – How has this affected the Liberty & generic glufosinate market?

39:00 – The 2025 Seed production plans

42:00 – Product distribution challenges.

42:50 – What overlapping control means.

44:30 – A few best practices spelled out

45:30 – Don’t assume you killed the weeds that you’ve sprayed.

47:30 – AMS tricks

48:20 – Thanks

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