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Made For Agriculture podcast interviews TFmag editor Allison Jenkins

Made for agriculture co-host Emily Beck interviews two guests for this episode of Made For Agriculture. First, she speaks with Pam Hiller, coordinator of two MFA foundations that give out scholarships and community grants. Alert – The MFA Foundation Scholarship deadline is Feb. 15th, 2024.

Then Emily interviews Today’s Farmer Magazine editor Allison Jenkins about the MFA member magazine redesign then talks about the latest articles.


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Intro - The scholarship deadline is Feb. 15, 2024
3:30 - Apply at,
6:30 - Foundation History
7:00 - Types of charitable giving

8:00 - MFA Charitable Foundation 

8:50 - Funded Projects

10:00 - Smaller grant focus and projects

12:00 - How to apply,
15:10 - Today’s Farmer magazine editor Allison Jenkins
15:45 - Magazine History 116 years old

17:00 - Stories, features, mission & values.

20:30 - New design, New features
22:00 - February Issue stories

23:00 - How to Subscribe

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