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Building for beans

BuildingBeansSoybean farmers, industry representatives and government officials gathered for the grand opening of the new Center for Soy Innovation on March 5 in Jefferson City, Mo.Connecting developments in soybean innovation with farmers, industry partners and the community, the new Center for Soy Innovation opened last month in Jefferson City, Mo.

The center brings together the many organizations working with and on behalf of Missouri’s soybean growers in one location, housing offices for the Missouri Soybean Association and Merchandising Council, the Biodiesel Coalition of Missouri, Foundation for Soy Innovation, Missouri Farmers Care, Ag Education on the Move and administrative functions for farmer-owned biodiesel plants.

“Missouri Soybean has a foundation of farmers coming together to solve problems, from developing markets for beans to ensuring farmers’ freedom to operate,” said Ronnie Russell, Missouri Soybean Association president. “This is both a celebration of that rich history and a huge step forward in growing our relationships with all who rely on soy through innovation, advocacy and education.”


BuildingBeans1During his address at the center’s grand opening ceremony, Gov. Mike Parson points out the presence of Missouri FFA members and described them as the future of agriculture.The organizations broke ground in July 2018 for the 14,300- square-foot building, which features demonstrations of soy-based construction materials such as countertops, flooring, insulation, turf, asphalt sealant and biodiesel heating. Interactive displays help tell the story of Missouri’s soybean industry and highlight the many uses for the state’s No. 1 cash crop. The new facility also provides education and training space as well as a community room and will serve as a hub for business development and value-added agriculture.

“There’s no other facility that brings together an education center and conference space with Missouri-based research and commercialization work,” said Robert Alpers, Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council chairman. “We look forward to hosting groups and events to better serve soybean farmers and connect with people who might not have personal ties to agriculture.”

The Center is located at 734 S. Country Club Drive in western Jefferson City. To learn more, visit

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