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Funding for firefighters

On Sept. 18, MFA presented the University of Missouri Fire and Rescue Training Institute with grants totaling $26,000 from the MFA Charitable Foundation and CoBank. The money will be used to train and equip volunteer fire departments in rural areas to save lives and protect property.

“While no fire department has all the funding necessary, rural departments often struggle the most,” said Kevin Zumwaldt, MU FRTI director. “Even the smallest amount can make a big difference. Over 80% of Missouri’s firefighters are volunteer, and many do not have a dedicated funding source, depending solely on donations.”

The MFA Charitable Foundation has a long history of fulfilling donation requests made by fire departments across Missouri but lacks the expertise to determine their true needs. In this first-of-its-kind program, MFA and CoBank will provide the funding and allow MU FRTI to manage the program.

The goal is to award grants in each of the nine Fire Mutual Aid Regions in Missouri. Each award recipient must provide a 50% match. More than 30 proposals had been submitted by mid-October, with the application period closing Oct. 31.

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