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USDA relocating two agencies to Kansas City

After beating out 135 other applicants, Kansas City is slated to become the new home to the U.S. De­partment of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service (ERS) and the National Institute of Food and Agricul­ture (NIFA). The move will bring about 550 jobs to the Kansas City region.

Both Kansas City and St. Louis made strong bids, with St. Louis making the shortlist of three alternate sites.

When Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue an­nounced the move, he praised the Kansas City area for its affordable housing, easy commutes and extraordi­nary living conditions.

“The Kansas City region has proven itself to be hub for all things agriculture and is a booming city in Amer­ica’s heartland,” he said.

USDA’s cost-benefit analysis of the move found an estimated $300 million savings over the course of a 15-year lease. These savings would mainly come from reduced rental and employment costs. The money saved will go into funding for research on issues affect­ing rural areas and farmers.

More than 93% of NIFA’s positions and 77% of ERS’s positions will relocate to Kansas City. The move will be phased in, with initial transfers this summer and the entire move completed by this fall. Employees will re­ceive moving assistance, and all will have an opportu­nity to continue their employment in the new location.

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