Put in a word on atrazine

Earlier this year, the Environmental Protection Agency agreed to extend the public comment period on the Preliminary Ecological Risk Assessment for atrazine. The National Corn Growers Association and other organizations worked to earn the extension of the comment period.

If EPA’s draft recommendation stands, atrazine use would likely be banned in most U.S. farming areas.

“Atrazine is a safe and effective crop management tool, and taking away this option will set farming practices back decades. That’s why we need farmers to be engaged on this issue. EPA needs to hear from all of us,” said NCGA President Chip Bowling.

As MFA director of agronomy Dr. Jason Weirich discusses on page 14, atrazine is a widely used herbicide proven to combat the spread of resistant weeds, while also reducing soil erosion and improving wildlife habitats. Atrazine use allows farmers to do less tilling, which can erode soil and lead to nutrient loss. Studies suggest farming without atrazine could cost corn farmers up to $59 per acre, which includes additional herbicide costs.

You can submit comments to EPA and find more information at your local MFA Agri Services, or at http://agsense.org/. The direct link to submit comments to EPA is: http://mfa.ag/2aXrUvQ.

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