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Letter to the Editor: Forever 4-H

The May 2016 issue of Today’s Farmer really hit a lot of memories for me through the story about 4-H and Riley Tade. 4-H is the greatest youth training organization going, and it is great to know it is alive and going strong.

I first joined 4-H in 1934 with a grade Shorthorn heifer. In 1935 I had a roan Shorthorn that took me to the Minnesota State Fair—only to learn that I couldn’t show her. It turned out she needed to be registered. She wasn’t.

In 1936, I showed a registered Chester White gilt and for 1937, I wanted to raise a ton litter of fat pigs, but she only had five piglets, so it was impossible to get them to 2,000 pounds by fair time.

The records I kept took me to Farm Boy’s Camp at the Minnesota State fair in 1938. We did the ushering in the grandstand at the fair. In 1939, I was a Junior Leader for the Bruno, Minn. 4-H. Then, in 1942, I was a Junior Leader in Miami County, Ohio before I left for the army.

I was in the United States Army from 1943 to 1946 serving in the South Pacific.

After the army, I went to Colorado and was the 4-H club leader in Weld County from 1959 to 1971.

In all, I experienced more than 20 years of activity in 4-H. To me, it’s the greatest youth training available. When you read of young men like Corbin Bell or like Creighton Sapp helping a competitor such as Riley Tade, that is what a true education for real life is all about. God bless 4-H and all who make it possible.

Blair F. Karges, Ava, Mo.

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