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Local cooperatives contribute to MFA Incorporated

In the spray rigs and feed trucks across MFA trade territory, and in the halls of the MFA home office, employees are proud to be part of a cooperative business.

MFA’s story—the company’s origin—centers around farmers gathering together to strengthen their economic position in buying and selling. That need in the marketplace helped form this cooperative. A bulk order of baler twine was the symbolic beginnings of MFA, but MFA was part of a bigger movement. Many independent, local cooperatives in the MFA trade territory organized about the same time as MFA.

Over the years, some of these local cooperatives have become loyal affiliates of the MFA system, and are celebrating historic milestones.

While these cooperatives are controlled by separate boards and operate independently, because they affiliate with MFA to offer common products and services, they have been an essential part of MFA’s growth over the years.

More importantly, they have been essential to the success of farmers in their communities.

Brian Griffith, senior vice president of corporate services and general counsel for MFA Incorporated,
said that the contributions of local cooperatives have been important to MFA since its inception, helping to build the kind of efficiencies that give buying and selling power to farmers.

“MFA Incorporated operates as a mixed structure of company-owned locations and locally owned cooperatives,” he said. “These affiliates are a valuable part of how MFA distributes quality products and services to farmers.”

In 2015, seven MFA-affiliated cooperatives celebrated milestone anniversaries. In the graphic on the right, you will see a list of local cooperatives and their anniversary dates. Each of these cooperatives has made significant contributions to their local economy, MFA and Missouri agriculture by providing farmers and ranchers with economic strength. That’s the true spirit of cooperatives, and it’s worth celebration.

In 2016, as MFA-affiliated local cooperatives approach anniversaries, you will see congratulatory ads in the local paper from MFA Incorporated. And if you attend the celebration, we hope you have a chance to visit with MFA leaders who attend in support of the local operation.

More in the Feb 2016 Issue of Today's Farmer Magazine


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