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Seed treatments advance 

The Paw Paw Patch

Pawpaw law comes to fruition

Student campaign raises recognition of Missouri’s own tropical treat

Ozarks banana. Hillbilly mango. American custard apple.

It’s been called by many different names, but the tropical-like pawpaw is now officially known as Missouri’s state fruit tree, thanks to a successful lobbying campaign by a group of fourth-graders who learned a civics lesson in the process.

“This project started during the presidential election in 2016,” said Mary McDevitt, who teaches at New City School, a private elementary school in St. Louis. “We study government in fourth grade, and we decided hold our own vote to elect a new state symbol for Missouri. I brought in some pawpaws from my backyard for the kids to try, and they got so excited and wanted to put it on the ballot.” . . . .



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