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Daring Dairy
Damien Mason

Looking at 2019 with ‘realism’

Weather extremes, marketplace uncertainties dominate discussions at MFA’s Annual Meeting
Story and photos by Allison Jenkins and Kerri Lotven
“Unique” was the best way to describe the 2019 fiscal year for both MFA and its members, said MFA’s Chief Financial Officer Karen White during the cooperative’s annual meeting Dec. 3 in Columbia. More than 550 delegates, employees and special guests attended the meeting, which featured exhibits by MFA’s operating divisions, Missouri Department of Agriculture and MFA Oil.

From weather extremes to trade disruptions, agriculture has faced a long list of challenges over the past 18 months, White said. In particular, severe swings from drought to flooding are to blame for reduced yields, prevented planting and delayed harvests—all of which negatively impacted sales for MFA in the fiscal year that ended Aug. 31, 2019.

Consolidated sales reached $1.1 billion,. . . .

Precise irrigation

Precision partners

MFA teams up with equipment dealer to offer irrigation solutions with soil moisture probes

Story by Kerri Lotven

With all the precipitation last summer, Justin Stahl, farm manager for Sachs Farms, LLC, in Wheaton, Mo., thought his two new pivot irrigation systems would go unused. But Stahl had signed up for MFA’s soil moisture probe trial.
The data surprised him.
“It was wet down here,” Stahl said. “Without knowing what was going on in the soil, you would have thought we had enough water, but it was amazing how much we actually had to put on toward the end of the season.” 

The unpredictable weather of the previous two years has many farmers like Stahl wondering how to manage their water, whether there’s too much or too little available to crops. That’s why MFA and Sydenstricker Nobbe Partners . . .


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