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Turbocharge yields with nitrogen-fungicide synergy

Combine foliar applications to help fight stress, promote plant growth

Turbocharged engines are popular in many vehicles today because of the improved performance they provide. The turbocharger boosts horsepower, or output, while increasing fuel efficiency. It works by capturing unused energy from the engine exhaust to power a turbine. This, in turn, powers a compressor, which forces air into the intake of the vehicle, allowing a greater percentage of fuel to burn with each stroke of the engine. The result is greater output with less fuel by introducing a little more air.
The turbocharger is a really good example of synergy, where the output seems to . . . .

Unwelcome arrival

Black Vultures encroach on Today's Farmer Country

Black vultures are moving north, and their reputation precedes them. Unlike the Midwest’s ubiquitous turkey vulture, which quietly goes about its job of removing carrion, black vultures have earned ill renown for residential and commercial property damage. Now they are in Today’s Farmer country, and among farmers, black vultures are earning a reputation for attacking live calves.
That’s how Jim and Sharon Shepherd realized black vultures had moved into the neighborhood. The Shepherds have sighted the birds on their Lawrence County, Mo., farm, and the couple suspects they have lost two calves to black vultures. . . .

Dairy cattle creature comforts installed at Foremost Farms

Creature comforts

Comfortable cows are happier and healthier and make more milk. That’s why the University of Missouri’s Foremost Dairy Research Center outside Columbia, Mo., is taking cow comfort to a new level by providing their milking herd with waterbeds in their free stalls.
Yes, waterbeds. But these aren’t the waterbeds of your typical 1970s-chic bedroom. Made by Advanced Comfort Technology, Inc., in Sun Prairie, Wis., the dual-chamber mattresses are made of layers of rubber and fabric tough enough that even the tines of a . . . .

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Steps in the right direction

When Glory began her first training class at Agape Boarding School Ranch, the 3-year-old mare was wild, nervous and afraid. She didn’t trust anyone. She refused to obey.

Her 17-year-old trainer, Hunter Scarbury of Mesa, Ariz., could relate. After all, that same type of behavior is what led him to this rigid residential facility for troubled boys in Stockton, Mo.

“Back home, I was skipping school, getting in trouble, and eventually my parents kicked me out,” Scarbury said. “I lived on the streets for a while, and then they decided to send me here to straighten out my life. It was rough for the first few months because I was fighting it, but now  . . .

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