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Pond management

Pond Puzzled?

Ways to manage everything from algae and fish to cattle

As summer sets in, landscapes across the Midwest come alive. Lightning bugs flicker across the fields in harmony with the crickets’ song. Sitting on the banks of any lake or pond with a fishing pole in hand becomes a favorite pastime. It’s a living ecosystem doing its summer thing.
Flash forward a few weeks. The air is sticky, stagnant. The algae, duckweed and unwanted vegetation are now vying for total control of that once-beautiful basin. It’s still an ecosystem brimming with life, but perhaps green pond scum isn’t the vision for your own aquatic reprieve. 
Bruce Kuda and his wife, Gina, would . . . .

Governor Parsons

Cattleman in command

Third-generation farmer Mike Parson reflects on
his first year as Missouri’s governor

A Carhartt-clad Mike Parson is crouched under his John Deere baler, attempting to unsnarl tangled net wrap with help from two of his security detail officers. The governor only has a few precious hours before his next official appearance, and he is trying to get a field of hay baled this July afternoon on his Bolivar, Mo., farm.
“Some people will think you staged these photos,” said Kevin Spaulding, Parson’s southwest regional office director, who was on hand to chaperon our Today’s Farmer interview. “But this is who our governor is. What you see is what you get with Mike Parson.”
What Missouri gets with Parson is. . . .

MFA Crop-Trak

Completely on track

Combining MFA’s precision program and scouting services gives growers comprehensive field management solutions

Recently, brothers Jordon and Josh Bright started splitting their time between their family farm near Paris, Mo., and a farm they now rent south of Jonesboro, Ark. The distance between the two is a little over 350 miles—a six-hour drive. More hours on the road mean . . . .


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"In high school, I drove a 1971 Chevy Caprice. Not an exciting car but one worthy of a closing thought. It had a big windshield and a tiny rearview mirror. The windshield should be larger than the rearview mirror because what has happened in your past is not nearly as important as what is in your future."

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Steps in the right direction

When Glory began her first training class at Agape Boarding School Ranch, the 3-year-old mare was wild, nervous and afraid. She didn’t trust anyone. She refused to obey.

Her 17-year-old trainer, Hunter Scarbury of Mesa, Ariz., could relate. After all, that same type of behavior is what led him to this rigid residential facility for troubled boys in Stockton, Mo.

“Back home, I was skipping school, getting in trouble, and eventually my parents kicked me out,” Scarbury said. “I lived on the streets for a while, and then they decided to send me here to straighten out my life. It was rough for the first few months because I was fighting it, but now  . . .

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