A little help for my friends

Perryville family works to build all-inclusive playground.

When Lucas Fritsche was 8 years old, he noticed one of his friends in a wheelchair would come outside during recess but wouldn’t stay long. Some days the friend even preferred to stay inside.
When Lucas asked him why, the fellow third-grader told him it was difficult to get onto the playground and into a swing to play.
“Lucas’ feelings were hurt, and he was . . .

Fly season is here

With help from MFA Animal Health division Today's Farmer magazine publishes the 2019 insecticide eartag comparisons chart. Download TODAY before the flys get nasty. The link goes to a flip book version you may download or print from easily.

Mother on a mission

Inspired by her family’s health journey, Missouri cattlewoman promotes pasture-to-plate nutrition.

Nurturing comes naturally to Tiffanie Weekley. Her life is devoted to taking care of others, humans and animals alike. She’s a mother of three, labor-and-delivery nurse, lactation consultant, farm wife and cattle producer. Add “entrepreneur” to that list of job titles. Two years ago, Tiffanie started Morning Glory Farms, selling grass-fed, grain-finished beef from her herd of black and red Angus cattle and made-from-scratch bone broth crafted in her family’s kitchen in Blackwater, Mo.
It’s a business born from a mother’s love . . .

Mountain Grove MFA finds its niche

A small team of five, the employees are credited with the success of the business. Pictured from left are: William Hicks, Kelly Warner, Dustin DeVore, Jeannie Emery and Mark Jarrett.


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Steps in the right direction

When Glory began her first training class at Agape Boarding School Ranch, the 3-year-old mare was wild, nervous and afraid. She didn’t trust anyone. She refused to obey.

Her 17-year-old trainer, Hunter Scarbury of Mesa, Ariz., could relate. After all, that same type of behavior is what led him to this rigid residential facility for troubled boys in Stockton, Mo.

“Back home, I was skipping school, getting in trouble, and eventually my parents kicked me out,” Scarbury said. “I lived on the streets for a while, and then they decided to send me here to straighten out my life. It was rough for the first few months because I was fighting it, but now  . . .

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