2018 MFA Training Camp Results

Each year the results are published from MFA agronomist product testing and crop trials completed across the territory . The training event, called MFA Training camp, is held in the middle of the growing season where employees see the ongoing trials in progress. The harvest results of seed, crop protection products, plant food and other best practices are put to the test each year. Click to read the 2018 results.

Understanding equine ulcers

“A ‘cinchy’ horse can also be an indicator,” Spears said. “When you tighten the girth, some horses seem like they’re in pain. They may turn around and act like they’re going to bite. If you’re putting pressure on an ulcer, that could be a sore spot.”

Anywhere from 60 percent of show horses to 90 percent of performance horses suffer from ulcers, a startling statistic that led MFA Incorporated to launch a new product in equine gastric health—Easykeeper HDC.

Featured Recipe

This month’s featured recipe, Cinnamon Peach Kuchen is pronounced “koo-ken,” the German word for “cake.” Here’s an interesting bit of trivia: It’s the official state dessert of South Dakota, where a large portion of the population is of German descent. And here’s a tip when making your kuchen: The filling will still be wobbly when you remove it from the oven but will continue to set as it cools. Be sure to let it cool completely before serving (trust us!). Photos by Kerri Lotvin, Food Styling by Allison Jenkins and Kerri Lotvin.

Empower change

MFA Incorporated leaders address challenges of 2018, share cooperative updates at annual meeting.  Weather extremes and marketplace challenges dominated discussions at MFA’s 2018 Annual Meeting, held Nov. 27 at the Holiday Inn Executive Center in Columbia.


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Steps in the right direction

When Glory began her first training class at Agape Boarding School Ranch, the 3-year-old mare was wild, nervous and afraid. She didn’t trust anyone. She refused to obey.

Her 17-year-old trainer, Hunter Scarbury of Mesa, Ariz., could relate. After all, that same type of behavior is what led him to this rigid residential facility for troubled boys in Stockton, Mo.

“Back home, I was skipping school, getting in trouble, and eventually my parents kicked me out,” Scarbury said. “I lived on the streets for a while, and then they decided to send me here to straighten out my life. It was rough for the first few months because I was fighting it, but now  . . .

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