Kaskaskia Island


The sound of a thousand mosquitoes buzzed in their ears as they pushed their way through the thick woods and un­derbrush of southern Illinois along the Mississippi River. Sweat stung their eyes as they peered toward the Kaskaskia Native American village on the other side, just visible through a gap in the thick foliage of elms and oaks impeding their movement toward the east bank of the river. Wriggling tails of campfire smoke rose slowly toward the moody sky, which promised the imminent return of rain.

It had been raining sporadically but  . . .

August/September 2021 Issue

Producers trust in Health Track

Max forage

FDA takes veterinary feed
directive to next level

Max forage

2021 MFA Foundation Scholarships

Max forage



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RE: Shaping our workforce.
"The Ag Experience is a unique opportunity for students to explore career options and get paid for it. The program also allows them to evaluate MFA as a future employer, and for MFA to evaluate the student as a potential employee. We have hired many of the top students who completed the program."

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