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More than a degree

More than a degree

MFA partners with Missouri colleges to help build the future, one student at a time

IT’S AS CLOSE AS YOU CAN GET to row-crop farming without having your own operation. That’s what many say about the job of a custom applicator.

Bryant Gibbons of Shelbyville, Mo., would agree. The student at State Technical College of Missouri in Linn, Mo., is one of the first participants in the school’s Custom Applicator Program sponsored by MFA. The program debuted in fall 2019 and offers students the opportunity to gain hands-on applicating experience, work an internship and possibly earn a full-time position with MFA. Students approved for the program also receive a $15,000 scholarship to help with tuition.

“If you like farming, and you can’t afford it like me, then go be an applicator,” Gib-bons said. “You don’t get to work the ground, but you definitely get t . . . .


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"Despite the unrest in the world right now, there are paths toward that better place. Since 1958, the MFA Foundation has provided annual scholarship opportunities for high school seniors throughout our trade area. Each year, about 325 students receive $2,000 toward their first year of post-secondary education."

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