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Daring Dairy
Students visit MFA MidSouth

Spotlight: MFA Agri Services MidSouth in Piggot, AR

"World of Opportunity" – MFA MidSouth's inaugeral Ag Life symposium shows students career options
Story and photos by Allison Jenkins

On a typical work day, MFA personnel are dispersed into a variety of duties: spraying fields, applying fertilizer, making recommendations, deliv­ering feed, sampling soil, waiting on customers, handling grain or managing the business.

On Sept. 5, however, employees at MFA Agri Services Midsouth in Piggott, Ark., all had the same responsibility: teach.

More than 100 sophomores, juniors and seniors from five area high schools in northeast Arkansas and southeast Missouri attended MFA’s inau­gural “Ag Life” symposium, featuring educational sessions, facility tours and equipment demonstrations at the Piggott location. Topics included preci­sion technology, seed genetics, crop nutrition, livestock science, agricultural. . . .

Feral hog damage

Farming in hog country

Producer, landowners and conservationists team up to fight feral swine

Story and photos by Allison Jenkins

In 1961, Merle “Jack” Doyle introduced the agricultural industry’s first drum-style rotary fertilizer blender, catering to an emerging movement toward prescription plant food applications.
In 2019, his namesake company, Doyle Equipment Manufacturing, introduced its latest innovation, a 24-ton rotary blender designed for ag retailers with big-batch fertilizer mixing needs. The blender is one of the largest on the market and is nominated for “Product of the Year” by CropLife Iron magazine—an award that’s never been given to dry fertilizer equipment.
“From the very beginning, we’ve been a . . . .


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