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Board trip highlights scope of MFA's operations

Effective corporate oversight is important in today's business environment. To effectively function in this environment, MFA benefits from an engaged and informed 14-member board of directors, each of whom has proven his worth in various fields of agriculture.


At MFA we rely heavily on our board of directors-not in day-to-day operations but in corporate oversight and guidance on matters crucial to MFA's future success. That said, it must be noted that corporate board members benefit from seeing the scope of MFA's operations.

Our enterprises span several states. To effectively serve all of those enterprises, MFA must offer a wide variety of services and perform better than the competition in a variety of geographic areas.
To help our directors understand the complexity of MFA's operations, MFA's senior management joins the board members on a tour each year to a different sector of our territory.

In July, our board tour involved the eastern portion of MFA's trade territory. The group first visited the Mexico, Mo., MFA Agri Services Center, which is located 20-some miles above I-70 and approximately 90 miles west of St. Louis.

The Mexico MFA Agri Services Center is in Audrain County. The majority of the crops in its territory are corn, beans and some wheat. Audrain County has about 43,800 head of cattle.

Located on the same property is one of MFA's feed mills. It's a state-of-the-art operation that provides farmers and ranchers with beef, swine, dairy and mineral products. The mill is also one of our most automated. Technology enhances competitiveness. Situated on Highway 54 and a rail line, the mill is served by both rail and truck.

The Mexico mill features an automated system complete with a robot for loading, stacking and bagging. The system moves 17 to 18 50-pound bags a minute. Not only does the robot reduce worker injuries, it offers speed and concise stacking on pallets. The system increased daily throughput by 20 percent.


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