NEW MFA Youth Livestock Arena is a hit at the Missouri State Fair

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The Missouri State Fair dedicated its new MFA Youth Livestock Arena on opening day of this year’s fair, Aug. 8, 2013. The arena was made possible by the MFA Foundation, MFA Incorporated Charitable Foundation, MFA Oil Foundation and the Missouri Development Finance Board. With $200,000 in donations from MFA organizations, momentum was set to reach $600,000 in building costs. Some 60 more donors—from farm families to state associations—helped reach that goal.

The 220-foot-by-80-foot MFA Youth Livestock Arena is adjacent to the historic Coliseum and is connected to the original arena by a breezeway. It was completed in time for the 4-H and FFA Horse Show held in July and was used for several events held during the 11-day Missouri State Fair.

The arena is an asset that makes the fairgrounds more attractive for events throughout the year.

MFA Incorporated President and CEO Bill Streeter said that there were several participants in the initial building donation: The MFA Foundation is jointly funded by MFA Incorporated and MFA Oil Company, and each cooperative has its own charitable foundation as well. “When there is something in our mutual trade territory that’s beneficial to all of these foundations and organizations, they do their best to pool resources and bring benefit to the communities where we operate,” said Streeter.

During the ribbon cutting ceremony for the arena, Streeter noted that the Missouri State Fair and MFA share a long and intertwined history.

“If you go back and look at MFA’s history, the first of what would become our annual meetings was held right here at the Missouri State Fair grounds. To repeat that tradition as we celebrate our 100th anniversary, we will becoming back to the fair grounds for our annual meeting on Nov. 19 this year,” said Streeter.

“Missouri operates in 100 counties in Missouri. We’re proud to be a part of rural America. We are proud to be a part of rural Missouri. We like to give back to the communities we operate in. We want to thank all the donors who pitched in to make the project successful,” he said.

Check out our Today's Farmer Facebook coverage of the fair.


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