Farming for Sustainability

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U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance recently released a short animated video, Farm On: Sustainable Food Production, and educational infographics highlighting sustainable farming and ranching practices. The educational media focus on sustainability in water, soil, air and habitat. The release builds on the USFRA’s ongoing effort to help consumers better understand agriculture.

“Sustainability is a vital part of our everyday lives as farmers and ranchers, and we know consumers care about the environment when it comes to how food is grown and raised,” said CEO Randy Krotz. “Since not every consumer has the opportunity to see farming first-hand, our goal is to bring the farm to them. We hope watching this video and sharing these infographics gives people a glimpse into the practices that farmers and ranchers created and adopted to grow safe, nutritional and sustainable food. Along with this approach, farmers and ranchers carry a deep-rooted pride in environmental stewardship, knowing how we farm today impacts generations to come.”

The video explains some of the complex ideas that technology has brought to agriculture, including:

  • Precision agriculture: farming tools like GPS to help plant seeds and apply fertilizer in the right place and in just the right amount
  • Advanced seeds: the ability to grow more crops on less land and utilize the seeds’ strength to fight off certain pests
  • Advanced monitoring tools: the ability to monitor animals to ensure health and safety
  • Water conservation: irrigation systems to ensure a precise amount of water application and usage

The infographics help define the terms and the social contract around farming, including:

  • Consumer perceptions around sustainability and farming: results revealing consumer perception around sustainability and how food is grown and raised
  • Pillars of sustainability: what farmers and ranchers are doing to improve the water, soil, air and habitat on and around their land and animals
  • Sustainability: the definition of sustainability regarding farming and ranching
  • Technology, sustainability and continuous improvement: information demonstrating how farmers and ranchers are using technology to do more with less

Watch the video:
See the infographics:


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